How Much Does A Home Sauna Cost In Dubai?

Saunas for home is a popular thing for residents of Dubai who like to have a refreshing outlet in their homes in the shape of a sauna. With the numerous benefits a sauna brings to you and your family, most people prefer to have an indoor or outdoor sauna built in their home instead of relying on a sauna at a spa or wellness center.

And when it comes to the price, having a sauna in your home isn’t an extremely expensive luxury either. In fact, most families can afford it if they really want to have one.

On average, a good home sauna can cost around 15,000 – 20,000 AED, whether it’s an indoor one or an outdoor one. This price tag can of course get more expensive if you choose an elite or custom model sauna.

Essentially, the cost of a home sauna depends on factors such as the type of sauna you want, the type of materials you will use (e.g. wood type), the type of heating, etc.

Indoor and Outdoor Saunas And Sauna Cost

Home saunas have different types which suit different needs of people. There’s no ‘best type of sauna’. Essentially, there are two types of saunas: Indoor Sauna and Outdoor Saunas.

Indoor Sauna In Dubai

Indoor saunas, as the name suggests, are built inside your home, most commonly in walk-in closets or basements. Indoor saunas can start around the range of 11,000 AED but can go as far as 35,000 AED depending on the ventilation and heating system you use. 

Since an indoor sauna is heavily reliant on proper ventilation and sealing, that’s where most of the cost goes.

Outdoor Sauna In Dubai

Outdoor saunas are built outside of a house, mostly on a concrete slab that accompanies wood furnishing over it. This type of sauna starts around the price range of 30,000 AED but can go higher depending on the size and wood type you need.

Outdoor sauna in dubai by arflon

Types Of Saunas And Their Cost

There are mainly 3 types of saunas that people choose from: infrared saunas, traditional stone saunas, and hybrid saunas.

All of these types can be built as an outdoor or indoor sauna. The main difference that sets them apart is the heating method they use.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are the newest type of saunas that use infrared heaters as a heating source. When compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas provide various different benefits and come at a cheaper price than others.

On average, Infrared Saunas cost around 17,500 AED.

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Heating Method: Infrared saunas use infrared heaters that directly emit heat onto a body, providing a gently warm experience.

Benefits: Infrared saunas are known for deep relaxation, detoxification, improved circulation, relieving muscle tension, promoting skin health, and supporting overall well-being.

Experience: Infrared saunas offer a comfortable and milder heat compared to traditional saunas. They are often favored by individuals who prefer lower temperatures or those who find traditional saunas too intense.

Hybrid Saunas

Hybrid saunas offer a one-for-all sauna experience by combining the features of traditional and infrared saunas both. For a traditional experience, hybrid saunas feature heaters or stoves as a heating source, while for the more innovative experience, they are also equipped with infrared panels to work as an infrared sauna.

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Since hybrid saunas offer both heating facilities, they average a price of 25,000 AED

Heating Methods: Hybrid saunas typically have traditional sauna benches for dry heat and infrared panels for direct heat, offering two different heating options for different experiences.

Benefits: Hybrid saunas provide the option to enjoy both traditional sauna heat and milder infrared heat. Users can customize their sauna experience based on their preferences and desired therapeutic effects.

Experience: Hybrid saunas offer versatility and flexibility, catering to individuals who appreciate the traditional sauna experience as well as those who enjoy the benefits of infrared heat therapy.

Traditional Stone Saunas

Traditional stone saunas carry a rich heritage since they have been popularly used in various cultures around the world through many ages. These are constructed using natural materials, like wood and stone, which hereby offers a more natural experience.

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On average, traditional stone saunas average around 26,000 AED.

Heating Methods: Traditional stone saunas are built using natural materials like wood and stone. They often have a wood-burning stove or a heated sauna heater with rocks.

Benefits: Traditional stone saunas offer an authentic sauna experience with high temperatures, intense heat, and the option to create steam by pouring water over the hot rocks. They promote sweating, relaxation, and potential therapeutic benefits.

Experience: Traditional stone saunas provide a traditional and homely ambiance, along with the rituals associated with sauna bathing. They are favored by individuals seeking a more traditional and authentic sauna experience.

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