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Siberian Cold Plunge

AED 35000/-

AED 25000/-

Canadian red cedar and Stainless steel Figuration: Chiller, pump, and filtration

Designed for the dedicated athlete or the health-conscious individual, our 1-Person Ice Bath combines cutting-edge technology with superior materials to offer an unmatched recovery experience. Crafted with a robust stainless steel interior and an elegant Hemlock wood exterior, this ice bath is built to provide durability alongside aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

  • Interior Construction: Durable stainless steel that withstands rigorous use and maintains hygiene with ease.
  • Exterior Wood: Hemlock wood offers both beauty and longevity, enhancing the look of any space.
  • Advanced Refrigeration: Upgraded system designed to handle large client loads efficiently, keeping temperatures consistent.
  • Digital Temperature Control: Easily adjust your ice bath from 5 to 40C (35.60F to 104.00F) to tailor your recovery session perfectly.
  • Comfort Design: Features an angled backrest for maximum comfort during use.
  • Water Treatment: Equipped with microfiltration and ozone disinfection systems to ensure clean and safe water for every use.

Specifications Table:

Interior MaterialStainless Steel
Exterior MaterialHemlock Wood
Refrigeration SystemUpgraded for High Load
Temperature Range5 to 40C (35.6F to 104F)
Back RestAngled for comfort
Water DisinfectionMicrofiltration & Ozone

Perfect Fit For:

Professionals in Dubai seeking a sophisticated recovery tool to enhance physical health and wellbeing. Ideal for placement in homes or fitness centers where recovery and health are prioritized. Discover how our 1-Person Ice Bath can elevate your daily wellness routine. Connect with our experts on WhatsApp for a personalized consultation and learn more about integrating this innovative recovery solution into your lifestyle.

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Dhs. 35000/-

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